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Daddy Freeze Sets 20k Reward For Anyone Who Can “Challenge” Oge Okoye For Visiting Pastor Lukau

Daddy Freeze Sets 20k Reward For Anyone Who Can “Challenge” Oge Okoye For Visiting Pastor Lukau

OAP Freeze has made fun of Nollywood actress Oge Okoye for visiting Alleluia International Ministries church with her daughter.

Alleluia International Ministries is the South African church where Pastor Alph Lukau staged a fake resurrection miracle.

The pastor trended for bringing a “dead” man back to life and giving him food to eat. But, things began to fall apart for the pastor when the funeral houses embroiled in the fake miracle opened up and called out the pastor for deceiving them and using their hearse to fake a miracle.

The popular Nigerian had sometime last year actress visited the AIMC and they were brought out to the front of the church by the pastor who then proceeded to prophesy onto her life.

In a video which recently resurfaced, pastor Lukau made some prophesies which reduced Oge Okoye to tears.

“Is this your daughter” Pastor Lukau asked The at some point.

“Yes,” the Nigerian actress replied.

“She’s special,” Pastor Lukau said and Oge passionately replied, “yes, I know.”

In the video, the pastor mentioned the name of the actress’ child: “Chibuike Crystal”.

However, Freeze has made has made a trend out of shading Pastor Lukau and even began a resurrection challenge. Now, he’s shading Oge Okoye for going to the church.

Sharing a video of the actress in Lukau’s church, Daddy Freeze wrote:

Alph Luka finals gets a real actor as Oge Okoye visits him in the wake of Elliot’s resurrection.

The Oge OKOYE Challenge starts tomorrow from 10am!

Below is a video of Oge in pastor Lukau’s church.

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