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Imagine an app where you take pictures of a Logo and it gives you the information about it…Now stop imagining. This is not some futuristic app that seems like a movie prop, it is real. We just launched a personal, interactive message to young voters using the latest in digital technology called Augmented Reality, which will allow the candidates to speak directly to young voters on their smart phones.

The Augmented Reality is a cutting edge technology that brings “magic” to android smart phones and tabs. The “Next for Nigeria” app is the first time this technology will be used in an election in Africa
Special messages to young voters which have been processed into Augmented Reality using graphics and animation will be shared through a downloadable app currently available on the Android Platform.
The young peoples’ expression and voice regarding their decision for Nigeria’s future will be shared through these apps and distributed through popular social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others.
it doesn’t stop there, the app also allows you take photos with your favorite candidate.
Over the course of the Next few weeks, Prizes would be given out via our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. Just follow, like and keep posting.

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